Martín Urionagüena (Argentine)
Buenos Aires, Argentina
Carlos González (Argentine)
Medellín, Colombia
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(R)= Recopilation (L)= Live Album (C)= Covers Album

Clockwork Angels
June 2012

Time Machine 2011:
Live in Cleveland
November 2011 (L)

Retrospective 3
March 2009 (R)

Snakes & Arrows Live
April 2008 (L)

Snakes & Arrows
May 2007

Rush Replay X 3
June 2006 (R)

April 2006 (R)

November 2005 (L)

June 2004 (C)

Rush in Rio
October 2003 (L)

The Spirit of Radio
February 2003 (R)

Vapor Trails
May 2002

Different Stages
November 1998 (L)

Retrospective II
June 1997 (R)

Retrospective I
May 1997 (R)

Test For Echo
September 1996

October 1993

Roll The Bones
September 1991

September 1990 (R)

November 1989

A Show Of Hands
December 1988 (L)

Hold Your Fire
September 1987

Power Windows
October 1985

Grace Under Pressure
April 1984

September 1982

Exit... Stage Left
October 1981 (L)

Moving Pictures
January 1981

Permanent Waves
January 1980

October 1978

April 1978 (R)

A Farewell to Kings
September 1977

All the World's a Stage
September 1976 (L)

February 1976

Caress of Steel
September 1975

Fly By Night
February 1975

March 1974
(*) Idea & production: Martín Urionagüena - Buenos Aires - 1999 / 2012. Translations: Martín Urionagüena, Carlos González, Cristobal Marcoleta, Carlos Arredondo, Federico Abraham, Sergio Zuñiga, Miguel Dominguez, David Gómez.
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